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Making an application

If you are making a planning application relating to land within the Legacy Corporation Planning Area, this must be submitted to the Legacy Corporation, rather than to the local borough.

You can click here to see a map of the area.  It includes parts of the London Boroughs of Newham, Hackney, Tower Hamlets and Waltham Forest.

The only exceptions are an Application for a Lawful Development Certificate (for an Existing use, Proposed use, or Operation or Activity in Breach of a Planning Condition) or a Certificate of Appropriate Alternative Development.  For these, you should continue to apply to the relevant local authority.

How to apply

We accept planning applications electronically via the Planning Portal, which is the Government’s central planning service and lets you submit and manage an application entirely online.  We also accept applications by mail or in person, but we would encourage you to use the Planning Portal where possible, as this provides the quickest route for processing an application.

However you decide to submit an application, you will need to visit the Planning Portal to prepare your application.  

There, you can also find help and information on how to apply, as well as options to buy a site location plan and block plan.  These show the location and boundaries of the site you are planning to work on and are a requirement of any application.

Once you have prepared your planning application on the Planning Portal website, you may submit it electronically via the Planning Portal or print it and send it to us by post or in person.  If you plan to submit by post or in person, click here for contact details.  

Before you apply

We encourage you to discuss your planning proposals with a member of our Planning Policy and Decisions Team (PPDT) before making an application. This is particularly important for large and more complex planning schemes. 

We can advise you on which documents and drawings are necessary, and make sure you have everything in place for assessment of your scheme to begin.   A list of everything required for an assessment to start can be found here.  

To talk to an officer about any of the above, get in touch.

How to pay

Your planning application must be accompanied by a fee that is set by the Government. Details of the fee are set out on the Planning Portal. 

You can pay by cheque, made payable to the London Legacy Development Corporation – Planning Policy and Decisions Team, or contact us to arrange a bank transfer on 020 3288 8820. Please send your cheque with a covering letter to our office address.


Once you have received a decision notice about your application, you have the right of appeal to the Secretary of State.  You can appeal for any of these reasons:

  • We have refused your application
  • You disagree with one or more of the conditions of any permission
  • Your application has not been determined within the timescale allowed.

Information on how to appeal is included within the decision notice. All appeals are administered by the Planning Inspectorate. 

More information can be found on the Planning Inspectorate’s website.  This includes any procedures that might apply and details on how third parties such as neighbours can make their views known.

Quality review panel

We are committed to achieving high quality design in new buildings and outdoor spaces in the area around the Park.  As part of this, we have created a special independent Quality Review Panel to advise the Planning Decisions Committee in making their decisions.

Panel members are professionals with experience in architecture, landscape architecture, urban design, environmental sustainability, inclusive design, development economics and delivery.    

Details about the Quality Review Panel’s purpose and the way it works with the Legacy Corporation can be found in its Terms of Reference document.  You can also download a list of members here.  The Panel is managed by Fortismere Associates on our behalf.

If an application is referred to the Quality Review Panel, the person or company making the application pays for the Panel to consider it.  This normally only happens where a development is high profile or complex.  There are three stages that an application would normally go through:

  • A first review when the design team have reached a ‘first fix’ scheme, but there is still scope for comments to be taken on board. £2,500 + VAT
  • A second review shortly before a planning application is submitted to assess changes and give confidential comments. £1,500 + VAT
  • A final review to assess the planning application in relation to the panel’s previous comments and provide advice to the local planning authority. £500 + VAT

Reports from previous meetings of the Panel are below: