22 Oct - 29 Nov 2015 

Three iconic phone boxes from Rio have been installed in the north of the Park until the end of November. Pick up a phone as you walk past to interact with one of three artists.

The creators of the celebrated all-night performance Hotel Medea bring the first site-specific version of their interactive digital artwork for one person at a time to Olympic Park. 

Three public phones from Rio de Janeiro, as iconic in Brazil as red phone boxes are in London, have been hacked by ZU-UK and re-installed at the Park for five weeks.

Situated in the north of the Park, you can pick up the phones to hear one of three fictional Brazilian artists, who will interact with you via keypad and other sensors including pulse, motion and voice, driven by the open source computer kit Arduino.

You can also start the experience before you arrive at the Park by texting ‘rio’ to 07903 579 560 for free!

The first box is a five minute 'Brazilification', the second a meditation on the flow of River Lea's waters, and the third a research in memory and distance. If you’re exploring the north of the Park, make sure to pick up a phone and experience it first hand. 

Press performances are available on request on Tuesday 14th to Friday 17th July at various times.

ZU-UK has created this unique interactive artwork with writers Holly Gramazio of former Hideandseek, Clare Qualmann, founding member of shunt Heather Uprichard and Edinburgh Forest Fringe’s Andy Field, and digital artists Nacho Durán and Xurde Durán.

The project has been commissioned by Lend Lease until the end of November.

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