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The Legacy Corporation has identified four priority themes which will underpin every aspect of our work, in areas such as internal operations, planning legacy communities and defining operating arrangements for venues. 

The themes reflect the political priorities of the Legacy Corporation’s partners and stakeholders and the unique context of the work being undertaken. 

The four themes are:

Promoting convergence and community participation

Convergence is the process of closing the gap in performance and prospects between the wealthiest and the poorest communities.  For the goal of convergence to be achieved, the legacy of the London 2012 Games needs to be as accessible as possible for local people. This means ensuring that development plans for the Park are created with participation from local residents. Economic opportunities should be accessible to local people, businesses and social enterprises, and  sporting, cultural and leisure facilities and events in the Park should be used and enjoyed by local people at all income levels.

Download the Socio-economic Policy

Download the Sport and Healthy Living Policy

Download the Community Engagement Policy

Championing equalities and inclusion

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park lies in one of the most diverse areas of the UK. In addition to its statutory duties, the Legacy Corporation needs to take this diversity into account in order to attract the best talent, to understand how its decisions impact on different communities and groups, and to create and manage community-focused parklands, venues, homes, events, and commercial and retail opportunities.

Download the Equality and Inclusion Policy

Download the Inclusive Design Strategy

Download the Inclusive Design Standards

Ensuring high quality design

Architectural, urban and landscape design will be essential elements for creating places within Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, and the wider Legacy Corporation area, that are engaging, safe, usable and beautiful, and which create and maintain value over the long term.

Download the Design Quality Policy

Download the Inclusive Design Standards

Ensuring environmental sustainability

The Legacy Corporation will establish clear standards for environmental performance and making the most of natural and built assets to meet the challenges posed by climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Our ambition is that Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park will be used as a benchmark for future large scale regeneration projects and also to lead the way in encouraging sustainable living. The Sustainabilty Guide will help inform all our work at the Legacy Corporation which we will embed throughout our processes, procedures and contracts.

Download the Sustainability Guide